Honey's Hotdogs Maybe Expanding

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Honey's Hotdogs is a hit with local's and out-of-towner's alike.
With such booming business, customers say opening up another location isn't a bad idea.

Honeys Hotdogs is the kind of place customers say makes them feel right at home.

"It's just the atmosphere, it's a nice kind of small hometown place and the foods great and we just really enjoy coming here," says one customer Ray Hackett.

It all started with a simple idea 10 years ago when Mr. James Trawick had the idea of putting a hot dog stand in his yard.

"As people found out about it, it just became like a stopping place for people that were coming from Tuscaloosa, from Birmingham, which we still have every week," says the current owner of Honey's Hotdogs Bill Dorminy.

Patrons and employees say its the simple details that makes Honey's all the more enjoyable.

"The tennis balls on the chairs when you look around, the fact that its kind of a mixture of all humanity, we'll have three piece suits in here and guys in construction and everybody knows your name," says Dorminy.

"It's not your typical place and it's one of those sort of special places that you can go to and have a good lunch and enjoy yourself," says Hackett.

Customers agree Honey's is something special but its something in the hotdogs that keep them coming back.

"It is the secret seasoning and nobody knows that but the Trawicks and myself and we have kept that, I mean the family has wanted to know that for years and James would never give it to anybody," says Dorminy.

As for if Honeys might expand in the future...

"We have a lot of people that would like to see us grow and we do have some possibilities that we are looking at strongly. Obviously the demand is there for honeys and if we can find the right location and the right people to do another franchise, we'll look at doing that".

Dorminy says Honey's is a piece of Americana that you just don't get anywhere else.

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