Honeybees are Sugar Coating on Blueberry Farming

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GENEVA -- Honeybees are vital to the production of blueberries.
That is the reason farmers purchase hives to make their harvests abundant.

It takes about five colonies of bees per acre.

"Without honeybees, they wouldn't make anything," Honeybee Keeper David Eldridge said. "I mean they couldn't get a truckload out of a hundred fields."

Beekeepers split the colonies into separate colonies to keep the bees from swarming. Swarming is when half the hive leaves with the Queen Bee. If the bees swarm, the Queen may lay her eggs. When they hatch, the others will kill all of the Queen bees except for one.

Bumble bees tend to pollinate blueberries better but they die after one year. Honeybees are a better decision financially because they will help with harvests for years to come.