Honey Bees In Danger

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Honey bees contribute to the well-being of the environment, as well as the food and beverage industry.

But current reports show honey bees have been dying off.

"Colony collapse disorder is the latest name for the decline of our honey bees. Its been going on for quite some time actually even going back to the 90's due to these parasitic mites but now there are other contributors to honeybee decline and colony collapse disorder. Their not just looking at pest now their also looking at disease as well as also exposure to various pesticides," says Phillip Carter, Urban Regional Extension Agent.

There are many different contributors but Carter says one theory stands out.

"The parasitic mite in itself is really tough on the bees and can really bring them down. The problem is that also when they are on the bees, they actually transmit different types of viruses and other diseases that the bees will get and because of that it infects their immune system."

Honey bees contribute to one third of all food and beverages. Extension experts say if you see a big cluster or swarm of bees, to call either the police or fire department in order for them to come and collect the bees.

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