Hometown Hero: Stephanie McMinn

Destin, FL - Stephanie McMinn’s garage has racks full of clothes. But she isn’t getting ready for a garage sale. These are all donations for her nonprofit, BeGenerous.

It began as a diaper bank in Walton County five years ago.

“I was a teen mom. It really resonated with me, the potential need with moms struggling to provide diapers for their babies,” said McMinn.

But for many of these moms, the struggle goes far beyond diapers.

She said, “Everyday I encounter someone that needs assistance some way. Now we cover heads to toes, bottoms and all. Clothing, household items, hygiene products, gas cards, food.”

Her generosity doesn't end there.

She’s welcomed families intro her home when they had nowhere else to go.

For several months, LeeAnn Peacock and her three kids lived with Stephanie and her five kids. That's eight children under one roof.

“If there's a family that needs something even if it's shelter, I’m blessed with a house, and if I have space for someone I’m going to share it,” said McMinn.

“She's definitely inspired me. I tell her all the time she's my hero because of her willingness to help anybody that she meets,” said Maria Schabla, Stephanie’s husband’s nurse.

But two years ago her ability to help other families slowed down because she had to take care of her own.

An accident left her husband paralyzed. Stephanie became the family's sole provider.

When many would say, this is more than I can handle, Stephanie fought through and continued to give.

“Where does she get the time, where does she get the energy, where does she get the means to do it? It's miraculous really,” said Schabla.

But Stephanie said it’s not a miracle and she's no wonder woman.

“I don’t see myself as a hero because I believe that’s what were all called to do. God supplies. With him giving me strength I can do anything. There's nothing too big. There's not too much on my plate.”

Stephanie is currently trying to expand be generous to include a home for foster children.

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