Hometown Hero: Judson Daughtry

Dothan, AL - Judson Daughtry is like most teenagers.

“I’m really into music. I’m listening to music all the time,” said Judson.

But most teenagers are not like Judson.

“He's unique anyways, but for his age it is astounding how he is involved in so many things in our community,” said The Harbor Church Reverend Dwight Deal.

Most notably, is his work with the Southeast Alabama Coalition for the Homeless. It all started three summers ago when he was a camper with Wired Ministries. Judson’s job was to serve lunch to the homeless.

“It’s like I knew there was a need and then I saw it,” said Judson.

And he couldn’t forget it. Judson wanted to help, but wasn’t sure how a teenager could make a difference.

He said, “The first couple of times I went to the homeless coalition, they were talking about high thought legal stuff. They were talking about different solutions to different problems they had, and I was thinking what in the world am I doing here?”

He got his answer at a homeless stand down. Judson was able to pitch in.

“He doesn't talk about it. He just comes in figures out what the need is at the moment, and he just does it. When he comes to help us with projects he usually brings some other folks with him. He's having a domino effect on the other kids his age. We think that's an awesome thing to happen in our community,” said Deal.

What’s more awesome, he’s done all of this before his senior year in high school.

Judson said, “Anybody can make a difference. I think you have to believe that you can which isn't always easy. I think sometimes you have to know what your talents are, and I think other times you just have to fall in and serve and figure it out.”

Showing there is no age limit on becoming a Hometown Hero.

Judson’s work doesn’t stop with the homeless. He’s also passionate about the fight against human trafficking. He plans to go into law to aid in this fight.

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