Homeschoolers Visit Dairy Farm

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Students from Ridgecrest Christian School could be spotted out on Working Cows Dairy.

"It's good to go beyond the classroom we love to get out and I feel like my kids learn more when we are our in these places asking questions and they learn it and they love it," said Gina Mortimer, field trip coordinator for Ridgecrest homeschooling.

This is not the only trip students go on, they are offered three or four fields trips a month.

"We get out more than maybe normal students, socialization is sure not a problem with us," said Mortimer.

But parents and students alike were milking the field trip for all that it was worth.

"It definitely helps in getting out and learning more like Working Cows Dairy we learned about the process of an organic farm," said Mortimer.

And although it's a learning experience it doesn't hurt to try some of the products.

"I didn't get to try because we bought one container and my son drank it so quickly," said Amy Thompson, parent.

This home-school group also goes on trips to the Flagship Theater and Landmark Park.

Mortimer says the home school group has 500 students.

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