Homes Made From Cargo Containers!

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Cargo containers can do more than just hold stuff.

A company in Washington is turning them into living spaces.

What you might see as an old steel box Kai Schwarz believes is the perfect little package of opportunity.

It's tough to image an adult playing with these things, let alone living in them. But tucked away inside an old shipping container you may just find there is no place like home.

It does take some creativity to fit an entire home inside a 20 foot cargo container. A bed, a couch, a kitchen table. Even the toilet paper roll has a waterproof holder, it is pretty close to the shower after all.

This Ballard company gets these bricks from a south Seattle dealer who sells old shipping containers once they've traveled the globe. New buyers with new visions breathes new life into them.

A Starbucks in so-do. A pop-up shop in u-village. And now, this is what builders call the cargo cottage.

And now even cooking utensils. This container turned chalet retails for about $35-grand. Larger ones, are slightly more expensive.

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