Home in Abbeville Burglarized

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A home in Abbeville was broken into. It happened on Kirkland Street last week.

Fortunately no one was inside. Still Valeska says it's important to find those responsible.

"I cant tell you how devastating a burglary is to you and you have to come back and go into that home and see what has been taken and the history and tradition of the things that have been taken but you feel like you have been physically violated," said Valeska.

That's why Valeska is calling on the community for help.

"We need the community to be the eyes and ears and watch dogs of our law enforcement officers because they can't be at every house,," said Valeska.

Police say whoever committed this crime was very destructive in the way they entered this house, they broke through a fence and once they gained access to the backyard, they smashed the windows leaving pieces of glass scattered throughout the yard.

Actions, Valeska says won't be tolerated.

"If you are caught committing a burglary in someones house because they have the right to use deadly physical force against if you are committing a burglary of their home," said Valeska.

If you have any information about this crime you are asked to contact Crimestoppers at 334-793-7000.

There's a $2,500 reward for information that leads to an arrest.

The items stolen from the house are...

-Belt Vibrating Chair
-Motorized Wheel Chair
-Antique Cast Iron Stove Parts
-Three Antique Gas Heaters
-Water Heater
-Antique Rugs

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