Home Invasion in Headland

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Six people are arrested in connection with an attempted home invasion in Headland.

According to Henry County Sheriff Will Maddox, a woman was attacked outside her home on County Road 20 Thursday morning.

Sheriff Maddox says the woman was pistol whipped.

The suspects didn't get into her home.

Two suspects were arrested Thursday morning.

Hours later, four more suspects were arrested in Dothan.

"This is a home invasion where a resident is pistol whipped we don't want to play around we want to solve it quickly and get them prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law we aren't going to stop until we find the ones who did it," said Sheriff Maddox.

The suspects are being processed Thursday afternoon.

Charges and bond amounts should be released Friday.

Two people are in custody after a home invasion this morning.

It took place overnight on County Road 20 in Headland.

The police are still looking for one more person.

The suspects were not able to get inside the house.

The suspects hit the homeowner with a pistol.

She has been taken to SAMC.

Her condition is unknown at this time.

We will update when we have more information.

I will send a pic

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