Holmes County Search for Missing Woman

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A northwest Florida family is searching for closure. Holmes County Sheriff Tim Brown and his team are hoping to find Cynthia Katrice Johnson, a 26-year old woman from the Holmes County area.

She was last seen a few days ago near the Choctawhatchee River. Around 8:40pm on Saturday night, the Holmes County Sheriff's Office received a call from a random person driving by the river. They noticed that Johnson was hanging by the bridge and ever since that night officials have been searching for her.

"According to what we have, she's got a few issues; I’m not going to go into everything that we've got but apparently she's had some issues," said Sheriff Brown.

Sheriff Brown says Johnson parked her car on the side of the river and witnesses saw her pacing.
They believe she jumped off the bridge.

"All the information we have makes it appear that's probably what happened to say for sure, you can't say for sure because we don't have a body yet," said Brown.

From dusk till dawn, the search has been on. Backup bureaus have been called from surrounding areas. However it's been difficult because of muddy water.

"Tell you what when you are a small rural county like us it takes everybody pitching in to help…we're are going to do everything that we can to try to find the body," says brown

Johnson's family didn't want to talk on camera But they've have been waiting patiently by bridge for the latest updates and answers.

If you know anything about Johnson’s whereabouts, call the Holmes County Sheriff's Office at 850-547-4421.

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