Hillary Clinton Hospitalized for Blood Clot

Hillary Clinton is under close watch at New York Presbyterian Hospital. The 65-year-old Secretary of State is being treated for a blood clot. Doctors discovered it yesterday during a routine follow up exam for her recent concussion.

Clinton suffered the concussion earlier this month when she fainted from dehydration after a stomach virus and hit her head. She’s been recuperating at home on bed rest since early December and cancelled all public events—including her scheduled appearance at a congressional hearing over the attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi. Clinton’s spokesman said the hospital is treating her with blood thinners

Experts say that treatment could indicate that doctors are worried about more clots. Normally, blood thinners would not be used so soon after a head bump because of the risk of further bleeding.

CBS Medical Correspondent, Dr. Jon LaPook, said, “The reason to give anticoagulant blood thinner would be to keep another clot from forming, if you think she’s at an increased risk.”

The state department says doctors are assessing other issues associated with Clinton’s concussion, but did not explain what those issues are. While they continue to monitor her condition, the Secretary of State will spend New Year’s Eve in the hospital.

Blood clots in the legs are a common risk when someone is on bed rest. However, if the clot is in the brain, it is much more serious and can raise the risk of stroke.

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