High School Seniors Make Prom Promise

(AP Photo/Rob Carr)

Cottonwood, AL - While most high school seniors are preparing for prom, one local group is hoping alcohol is not part of it.

Thursday, the Dothan-Houston County Substance Abuse Partnership kicked off its "Prom Promise" campaign.

Cottonwood High School seniors watched a mock car accident this morning where one student was a drunk driver, one was injured, and the other dead.

The message is to show students what happens when you make reckless decisions, like drinking and driving.

"This is as close to reality as we can get. With that they are able to visualize what actually happens," said DHCSAP Executive Director Susan Trawick.

"For us, for prom being tomorrow (Friday), it's a great example. It shows us that there are consequences when it comes to drinking and driving, and to take the safe way and just not do it ," said Cottonwood High School senior Jennifer Beck.

For information on talking to your teen about drug or alcohol abuse, you can give the Dothan-Houston County substance abuse partnership a call at 334-699-2813.