Heroes Emerge After Car Wreck

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It is a change of pace from the typical car accident news report. This one starts back on a February afternoon. A pair of coworkers went above and beyond their job description while driving home from Fort Gaines to Dothan.

Dillon Brewer knew he had to help out his buddy. He had to give his coworker, Jay Van Hoose, a lift home back on February 13.

But Dillon and Jay were both about to help someone they didn’t even know, and their help meant saving lives.

Driving down Country Road 26, almost into Headland they hit a road block.

Jay Van Hoose, site manager at Walter F. George said, “As we approached the intersection we could see a vehicle that had been in an accident in the middle of the intersection. And another vehicle off to the side in a ditch…Children were screaming and crying.”

Then they found a pregnant woman, pinned beneath the car.

Jay said,“The only thing you could see was her feet and her hand.”

Dillon said, “For a while we felt helpless until we had enough people to assist.”

After first responders arrived, a handful of men were able to help Dillon and Jay lift the side of the car freeing the woman.

Jay said, “People just needed help. And there was no one else there to help.”

Despite quick life-saving actions, both Dillon and Jay don’t consider themselves heroes.

Jay said, “I don’t feel like I deserve it. There were other people there that responded also that are just as deserving as I am.”

Despite their humble attitudes, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers made sure to recognize their heroic efforts by presenting them with commander’s awards for civilian service.

True representations of the golden rule.

Jay said, “Just an average person and someone just needed help. You should always try to help anyone in need.”

Dillon said he went back to the site and spoke with neighbors who knew the victim. They told him the victim and her child survived.

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