Henry County Road Repairs

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Recent rains are taking a toll on roads in Henry County.

"The cost of borrowing money will probably be no cheaper during our administration, the cost road construction will not get any cheaper, and the quality of roads are going down so those three factors tell me now is the time to do this," said David Money, Henry County Commission Chair.

Monday night the Henry County Commission agreed to spend some money to resurface some of the roads in the county.

"What we did is we have about $1 million of our money that we are going to put into this so we voted to borrow one million and we will put that $2 million and look at five or six counties roads," said Money.

"There is a number we have what we call a top ten list that we have compiled based on three things the condition of the road, the traffic count on the road and the record of accident with fatalities or the number of accidents in general and we assign a formula to it and it spits out a top ten list and we probably look at the ones that need it the most," said Money.

Commissioners hope the project will take care of the roads for awhile.

"We are not looking at a quick fix to make people happy for a year or two...we hope to get at least 20 good years of life out of this we could probably do more roads for the same amount of money and we could do it a little less quality and I'm all about doing it right and doing a few less miles and not having the next administration have to deal with these roads we want it to be there for good," said Money.

Seventeen to 20 miles worth of roads will be resurfaced.

Commissioners plan to start the project in late Spring or early Summer of 2014.

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