Henry County BOE Members Refocus After Disagreement Ends Meeting

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After an abrupt ending to a Henry County Board of Education meeting last week, elected officials went back to the drawing board to learn how they can better serve the school district.

The workshop Tuesday night was essentially about how they Henry County Board of Education can work better as a team. It’s something the school board needs to do in order to pass an important agenda item that is vital to the school year beginning on time.

At the regularly scheduled school board meeting on Thursday, July 17, a 3-2 vote caused the board to cut the meeting short before all agenda items could be voted on.

“When you get to the point where you argue over every little thing sometimes it’s best to stop the meeting and regroup,” explained Board of Education President, Dorothea Culver.

One of the things still on the agenda - hiring 19 teachers for the upcoming school year.

”I was hoping and praying this would be the only time that this would happen and that it would be a wake up call for all of us ...you don't get on the same page of music if we don't start to communicate better and work together better this board will not go forward.”

Thankfully a workshop meeting with the Alabama Association of School Boards was previously scheduled for Tuesday night. Through anonymously answering questions and brainstorming "to-do" lists, the board was able to get on the same page.

“I think tonight went very well,” said Lesa Knolls, Superintendent of Henry County Schools. “I think the training session was well I think all of us learned things and we came together as a group as a team and we refocused our goals, what is the children of Henry County.”

A new meeting date has been scheduled for Wednesday, July 23. Both Knolls and Culver are confident that the board will approve the personnel; allowing the school year to begin on time.

In addition to the presentation from the Alabama Association of School Boards, the Henry County Board of Education had a meeting where Superintendent of Schools, Tommy Bice was in attendance. Not many details were given about the meeting, except that its purpose was to refocus the Board of Education.

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