Helicopter Company Leases Portion of Pemco Property

Dothan, AL - The Dothan Regional Airport has good news. Another company will also be leasing part of the former Pemco property, but it’s not a permanent solution.

An area helicopter company, U. S. Aero Services is leasing a hangar for at least six months, maybe up to a year.

The company is based out of Enterprise. It needs temporary storage space for some helicopters.

They are expected to move in within the month. They will pay $1,600 a month to rent the facility.

While they are using this space, officials are still actively searching for a company to fill the three vacant hangars permanently.

But that's not the first order of business,

Dothan Regional Airport Director Art Morris said, "My primary focus is to finish the job at commercial jet. And make sure all of that is complete and commercial jet is up and running 100 percent. So that's my primary focus right now. My secondary focus is to get these other three hangars filled. If that's filling it temporarily, that fine. That's what we're doing with hangar 4."

Morris says there is an interested company, But no time line on when a deal could be final. However, he did say it could create about 100 jobs.

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