Heavy Snow Falls on Romania

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Heavy snow stranded drivers for hours in icy winds on the night from Wednesday (December 12) to Thursday (December 13) with the army trying to get people to safety.

Hundreds of people remained stuck on roads in the north-east of the country with 7 counties badly affected by the storm.

"We were stuck until the army came," said one passenger.

"I suffered hypothermic shock. We stayed in the car, after that we tried to walk, but I felt very bad," the woman added.

"We couldn't pass, so we tried this way to get towards Roman (a town in north-east part of Romania), but it's not possible," another passenger said who had been stuck in the snow for hours.

Fifty villages remained isolated in Dolj county and 40 schools were still closed on Thursday.

"He (girls father) is still isolated. His mobile phone battery is dead. He has been isolated since Sunday. It's not possible to reach him, the snow is too deep. There are also three more people who couldn't come down to the village," said one woman about her father.

Dozens of villages also remained isolated also in Iasi county.

Extremely low temperatures are expected in the coming days, up to minus 14 F in parts of the country and minus 7 F in Bucharest.

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