Heart Gallery Alabama: Giving Children Homes

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The adoption agency Heart Gallery America says there are almost 400,000 children in foster care in the United States.

Many of them don't get adopted and stay in the system until they age out..

An Enterprise woman and her 2-daughters who were connected by the local chapter...Heart Gallery Alabama.

"Very loud, " laughs Karen Pridgen.

Pridgen recalls the day she met her daughters like it was yesterday.

17-year-old Kimberly and 16-year-old Brittany knew one thing for sure, they wanted to stay together.

That's why the wait for the perfect family took longer than expected; seven long years.

"Our social worker came and brought us this little scrap book they made for us and I was going thru it and they had every single little thing that I wanted in a family, " said Kimberly.

"I got to meet my girls and I got to feel like I got to know them and with the videos I was able to hear their voices, " said Karen.

Instead of a standard picture, Heart Gallery takes the children out to different settings to capture who they really are.

They also make videos that help to tell each children's story.

"So many people want younger children and there are so many older children and they need homes, they need families, children don't stop needing families when they graduate high school, they need families for the rest of their lives, " said Karen.

"I used to be this really bad child that always got in trouble. Well I'm a better child than i was when I first moved here, " said Kimberly.

A home both girls say, is more than what they could've ever imagined.

"I've been having my hopes up for so long that i didn't really think that adoption would come, " said Brittany.

"The days leading up to us meeting I was able to look at their picture and watch their video and know that my girls were coming home and without heart gallery that wouldn't have been possible, " said Karen.

The girls adoption was officially finalized in September of last year.

Heart Gallery Alabama received a grant last week from the Women Helping Others Foundation for more than $20,000.

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