HealthSouth Kicks Off National Rehab Week

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Monday in Dothan, the patients at HealthSouth wrote their rehab goals on balloons and released them into the sky.

It's all to celebrate the kick off of National Rehabilitation Week.

HealthSouth officials say it's important to recognize Rehab week, especially for their patients.

They deal with those who've had a significant decline in their function and say it is easy for them to become discouraged; but if they have goals,they can keep an optimistic mindset.

"When they set realistic goals then their level of sense of pride and accomplishments matches what we are able to occur or what we able to accomplish with them during therapies, " says Medical Director at HealthSouth, Dr. Greg Soifer.

HealthSouth will be hosting another celebration open to the public for National Rehab week on Thursday at 3 o'clock.

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