Health Day for the Community

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A local community center opened its doors today, hosting an event geared to help residents’ live healthy lives.

Charles Harris is a Dothan resident who came to take advantage of today’s free health services and information.

"The more information is the better you can pass on to somebody else," said Harris.

Harris grabbed a few pamphlets that caught his eye, Before stepping foot into the Andrew Belle community center, Harris didn't know that he would run into an opportunity for his mother.

"As soon as I get back home, I'm going to say hey mom I know that you were talking about doing medical office administration so me having the information just takes a lot off of her. All she has to do now is call a number, get in contact, start it up and get that next step in her career," said Harris.

Health day was sponsored for the community by district one commissioner Kevin Dorsey. Programs like this are appreciated by residents from his district.

"It show's that he cares about his constituents in his county, that he wants them to be healthy and he wants them to be able to lives, so it's very important, it shows that he does care." Said Harris.

While passing on the importance, of staying healthy, Neice Danzey also had a hand in organizing this event and she's proud of its impact.

"I mean I'm just overjoyed that I could be apart of this were people could come out and take advantage of the services that are here," said Danzey, a health educator for Medical Aids Outreach.

Health day also offered free eye screenings, HIV testing, music and food.

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