Headland Teen Takes Own Life

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Sixteen-year-old Malik Thomas will never again be able to use these steps to enter his home in headland..the same place where he took his own life on Wednesday...An overdose is what took Malik's life and now his family wants answers.
"He told them that he was hearing voices and that he was just tired of hearing voices."

Voices that may have been judging him for his sexual preference.

"I just hate that my son had to lose his life because he couldn't take what he was."
And christina says none of that matters because her son is gone.

"I said if you wanna talk about anything, I said, you wake mama up and you let mama know that you wanna talk...And that was the last time..i talked to my baby."

Sexual abuse and bullying plagued Malik's past, but he seemed to be making a turn-around at Headland High.

"We had a very good start of the school year..I felt like things were going really well..we were all very shocked and surprised by what's happened."

In those final moments...Malik did find the time to leave a note.
"He said 'I hope you get well'... he said 'but maybe I'm better off dead'...he said maybe he'll be happy cuz he said life just wasn't... [Nats]... life was not for me."

Christina may never hear his final words though because he did leave a video message...
"You gotta have a Google account and I don't know it."
But the phone was locked along with her last chance at closure.

This family is hoping that others will come forward and take a stand against bullying so that no other family has to suffer this way

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