Headland High Got a Look Through Drunk Goggles

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The Headland Police Department received a grant to buy Drunk Buster Goggles.

The goggles are supposed to give the effect of being under the influence.

Students at Headland High School got a chance to wear the goggles.

Students had to pick up coins, catch balls, shoot a basketball and walk a straight line.

And they quickly realized it was more difficult than they thought

Officers hope that having this program now will prevent students from making bad decisions.

"It is imporant our young people know the effects of alcohol and how it can not only harm the person that is driving the vehicle but i harms innocent people everyday and what effect it has on them and their loved ones," said Lt. Dennis Cobb of the Headland Police Department,

The goggles range from feeling like you are at .04, which is under the legal limit to .25 which is over three times the legal limit.

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