Headland Elementary School Principal is Retiring

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“Dedicated. She’s honest and she's loyal and she has a heart of gold.”

Those are just a few words used to describe Headland Elementary School Principal Faye Shipes.

A woman who says she was born to do this job.

“I have just always known i was going to be an educator. It seems it runs in my family. My mother taught, my oldest sister taught school, and now I have been in education, so i guess its a family tradition.”

Principal Shipes says good-bye to the school after 38 years.

“Ii am going to miss the children; I’m going to miss the interaction with everyone every day. I just love Headland Elementary.”

And the school loves her.

“This is our year of Mrs. Shipes all year long she doesn't know what we have coming to honor her for her 38 years of dedication.”

In those 38 years, Shipes has watched education change.

“I got to thinking in 1976 when I began my career we never even heard of a cell phone and then one thing that has changed the most is school safety. Who would have ever thought we had to keep everything locked down all day?”

As she's watched these changes happen, administers say Shipes worked to make sure the sense of community stayed constant.

Mrs Shipes have created a family atmosphere here that if anyone is in help or need anything is needed she is the one that organizes anything.

An atmosphere Shipes hopes continues at the school long after her retirement.