Hartford Residents Clean Up Flood Damage

Flooded front yard at 11665 Cottonwood rd . Cottonwood AL
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"That place has been flooded three times; let's say in the last fifteen years. And it's been water all the way up to the back of the house nine times, " says Joe Baker, Hartford flood victim.

Joe Baker is talking about his home, he has lived in it for years and flooding has become an issue with the property. The recent heavy rains were history repeating itself.

"It’s a drainage problem, they didn't think it through, and all this water from everywhere drains into that bay," says Joe Baker, Hartford flood victim

What makes things more difficult is he suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes. Watching water flow into his home was devastating, leaving him no choice but to call neighbors for help.

"Getting out of the house, was a problem for me yesterday, when I had to wade out through six inches of water, if it had not been for neighbors coming out driving her pick up truck, to the door, I would have to wade out to the highway to get out," says Joe Baker, Hartford flood victim

Family and friends of baker showed me around his property and how bad the flooding has gotten.

"Due to all the water damage it has come up on the, almost to the folding on the chair here. In this front room it was about a foot in water, and back here it was about 8 to ten inches. Yesterday this whole area was a floating catastrophe, from floating debris, to worms, hopefully there weren't any snakes," says neighbor Sarah Anderson.

Neighbors and Baker say so much rain fell in such a short period of time, the drain pipe on his property is just not big enough.

"The pipe like I said earlier was too small, and the flow of the water is not, coming through fast enough, to get out of this area," says neighbor Sarah Anderson.

"Instead of putting a 48 or 42 inch pipe they put a thirty inch pipe, and didn't do a good job with that."
Of course the biggest fear with Baker is if it rains again he will have more flooding to deal with on his property.
He also told me that he and another neighbor did their best in the spring and summer to keep the drain clear so that water could drain properly.

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