Habitat For Humanity Builds Home for Needy Family

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Doug and Dorothy Campbell have lived in a mobile home for seven years.
But this place they called home didn’t come with the comfort they needed.

“It'll faint you in the summer time and freeze you in the winter.” Homeowner Douglas Campbell said.

Back in 2007...the Campbell’s had an idea...

“We heard about this program called habitat and we signed up and we got approved and we've been expecting it ever since.” Homeowner Dorothy Campbell said.

Habitat for humanity builds simple, affordable houses for people in need.

“We are about giving a hand up, not a hand out. “ Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Amy Schutz said.

Schutz says habitat will build the house...but it still allows homeowners to be responsible for the payments.

It’s just like a regular mortgage. They pay the escrow they pay the insurance they pay the taxes. The only difference is it’s a no interest mortgage, that way they can afford to pay for the house. Schutz said.

This twelve hundred and ninety-six square foot house...is being designed to be energy efficient...so the Campbell family will have a lower electric bill.

“All the employees everyone that we have here…there’s 60 employees out here working. And we are trying to help this family with this home and help habitat get them in as quickly as possible.” Wiregrass Electric Director Brad Kimbro said.

With so many people offering a hand...the house may be completed sooner than later.

“We say it could take anywhere from 12 to 20 weeks, but you never know with the weather. Today we have a great crew out here who have been doing a lot of work very hard. So we are going to get a lot farther today than we hoped.” Schutz said.

Habitat officials say when Habitat for Humanity home owners make their mortgage payments...they go into a fund.
And then the money that builds up in that fund...goes towards building another house for a needy family.

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