HS Automotive Alabama Receives a Top Auto Industry Award

ENTERPRISE – Chrysler Group has given Enterprise Tier 1 auto industry supplier HS Automotive Alabama yet another reason to celebrate this year. One of the “Big Three” U.S. auto manufacturers, Chrysler recently named HSAA its 2014 Supplier of the Year.

Receiving the award just a few months after celebrating the opening of the company’s second operations plant and announcing a third expansion with 200 additional jobs planned, President Harry Kim couldn’t be happier.

“HSAA has advanced to the level of ‘Main Supplier’ in North America, and we all should be proud of this accomplishment,” Kim said.

HSAA produces weather stripping, air conditioner and brake hoses for the Ram truck, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Cherokee, Dodge Dart and the Chrysler 200C. HSAA’s parent company, Hwaseung Rubber & Automotive Co. LTD, also was the winner of Chrysler’s Chemical Supplier of the Year Award.

Kim credited the hard work of HSAA’s 300 employees, as well as the great communication between the customer and supplier, for making the award possible. “Thank you all for your hard work and contribution to our success,” he said.

Yet, Kim said the award does carry with it increased responsibility. “The customer will expect higher quality, higher performance and increased productivity,” he said, reminding that the company’s status against other companies also increase because of the “Supplier of the Year” Award.

Kim considers it yet another challenge, and yet another milestone in the company’s 11-year history in Enterprise. The 200,000-square foot facility was originally established in Yancey Parker Industrial Park in 2003. In 2006, the original plant was expanded.

Another 117,000-square-foot warehouse was opened in February, when Kim announced that yet another 50,000 square feet would be added this year to house a robotics assembly operation and provide more warehouse space. When the latest addition is complete, the company expects to have about 600 people employed.

HSAA is a Korean-based company that serves as a Tier 1 supplier to the Hyundai plant in Montgomery County. However, the company produces weather stripping, tubing and automotive pressure hoses not only for Hyundai and Chrysler but Kia, Mitsubishi and other major car manufacturers.

Mayor Kenneth Boswell will visit the HSAA plant Thursday to offer congratulations to Kim and employees for a job well done. Boswell, who was instrumental in the recruitment of HSAA, said the company is much deserving of the award and he is proud of its rising reputation in the auto industry.

Though Kim is delighted by the award, he said it does present a challenge for the company and its employees to work together to “achieve bigger and better goals and recognitions.” In fact, Kim envisions the company as the “#1 Supplier in the World,” and he said the company leaders and employees can make it happen through improving productivity, quality, efficiency and cost savings.

“We must constantly, step by step, work every day to become better,” he said. “We must raise the bar for ourselves to make sure that we do not go backwards, do not become complacent.”

Recalling the “Tortoise and the Hare” story, Kim said the company will take a “One Step More” approach. “It is not the one who races toward the finish line, stopping along the way and becoming idle, but it is the one who stays focused on a steady pace that reaches their goal. Let us keep moving forward.”

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