Group Files Lawsuit to Repeal Ga. Charter School Amendment

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ATLANTA - The passage of a charter school amendment by Georgia voters has not persuaded opponents of the legislation to give up their fight. A group has filed a lawsuit asking the courts to ditch the voter-approved change.

"I certainly don't believe state should be in the business of deceiving the public."

The chairman of Georgia's Legislative Black Caucus says that's exactly what republican leaders did with the wording of the charter school amendment which passed overwhelmingly by Georgia voters. State Senator Emmanuel Jones says the ballot made no mention of the state setting up a charter school commission which could grant charters rejected by local school boards.

"They thought they were supporting children and school and public education and mom and apple pie. I would have done the same thing."

Jones says the caucus is joining in a lawsuit already filed against state leaders for the ballot language. He says he has proof republicans, including Governor Nathan Deal were deliberately misleading voters, keeping the language vague to make sure the amendment would pass.

"The disconnect is not between Governor Deal and the people of Georgia, the disconnect is between Emanuel Jones and his constituents," said spokesman Brian Robinson.

The governor's spokesman says it's obvious Jones is out of touch with his constituents in Henry and DeKalb counties where the amendment passed by huge margins.

"We had 15 words, we had 15 words on the ballot, that's all you get," Robinson said.

"The only thing I wish this administration would have done, that this governor would have done would be to just tell the truth, be honest with the public and tell them what we're voting on," said Jones.

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