Grandview Elementary Celebrates Black History Month

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February is black history month and that's why Grandview Elementary School is making sure their students learn about those who fought for equality and justice.

Jasmine Shipman has been teaching third grade at Grandview for the past eight years. Each February brings a new round of excitement.

"It is important that we feed our students as much knowledge and as much information as they possibly can know so that they can know where we come from and where we could go," said Shipman.

Every day this week, Mrs. Shipman's class is learning about a prominent African American. After watching a documentary, her students write a short biography on what they've learned. Joe Grubbs, the school's student government association president, enjoys learning about past African Americans who made sacrifices for his future as well as their own.

"The thing that I am looking forward too is learning more about our ancestors and their contributions to our society," said Grubbs.

"I wish black history month was not just in February, it should be taught all year long but if that's what we have then that is what we have to work with," added Shipman.

Making the celebrations that much more important for students and teachers. Grandview Elementary School also decorates its hallways with posters dedicated to African American heroes.

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