Grand Jury to Investigate Ethics Complaint Against Ga. Gov. Nathan Deal

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ATLANTA (AP) -- An attorney for two people who received federal grand jury subpoenas for documents related to a state probe of ethics complaints against Gov. Nathan Deal says those documents are being sent.

Attorney Brian J. Sutherland represents both Sherry Streicker, the former deputy executive secretary of the state ethics commission and Elisabeth Murray-Obertein, the commission's staff attorney. They are among at least five people who received subpoenas last month asking for records to be produced Tuesday.

Sutherland says "documents responsive to those subpoenas are being sent today."

Deal's attorney has said the inquiry doesn't involve the governor. The subpoenas show federal authorities want documents related to the commission's investigation of Deal's campaign finances and disclosures during his 2010 gubernatorial bid, but reveal nothing about the scope of the inquiry.

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