Graceville Police Dept. Warns of Publisher's Clearinghouse Phone Scam

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May 23, 2012
For immediate release:

The Graceville Police Department would like to warn the public of a scam by phone.

The victim was contacted and told they had won cash and a new car from Publisher's Clearinghouse. They were then instructed that taxes must be paid on the cash and car within 24 hours. The victim was asked to go to CVS Pharmacy and purchase a Greendot prepaid Visa debit card in the amount of $250, and to then call them back with the card information to pay the fee for winning the cash.

Graceville Police Department has verified with Publisher's Clearinghouse Fraud Department that this is a scam. Publisher's Clearinghouse states they never contact winners by phone or mail and no money is ever requested to be paid to them from any winner at any time.

If you receive a call like this please contact your local police department.

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