Governor Bentley's Education Policy Advisor Tours Wallace Community College

Dothan, Ala. – When Governor Bentley’s new Education Policy Advisor Jared White toured Wallace Community College – Dothan on Thursday, August 28.

He summed up each stop he made on campus with resounding high praise. Acknowledging the pivotal role that community colleges play in developing the state’s workforce, White called his introduction to WCC “very impressive.”

Following an overview of the College’s comprehensive mission and programs, White visited several labs on campus. He witnessed how technology is transforming instruction by observing demonstrations in the Welding Lab, Criminal Justice Lab, and the Health Sciences Simulation Center. All three areas use simulation technology extensively to enhance instruction to meet area workforce needs.

White also toured the Math Lab and the Writing Center in the Center for Academic Success (CAS). David Cobb, Director of Transitional Studies, and Emily Cosgrove, Director of the Center for Writing and Writing Instruction, discussed innovations and incentives in the CAS that are leading to improvements in retention and college completion.

White’s visit is part of a plan to visit all two-year colleges around the state to learn more about each institution and to gather information about issues facing the system.

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