Governor Bentley Visits Commercial Jet

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Governor Robert Bentley joined city officials for a tour of the commercial jet facilities Monday.
Airport officials say it meant a lot to have the Governor there and he joined them in their excitement.

"Oh its fantastic to have the Governor here today. We've had his support from the very beginning," says Airport Director Art Morris.

"This is fantastic. You know commercial jet coming to the Wiregrass area and to this great facility here its fantastic, " said Governor Bentley.

The facility has come along way from when things first got started and officials even have an anticipated date for when it will open.

"We've made a lot of progress in the construction and renovation, were about half way thru at this point. The goal is to have them completely up and running 100 percent by the first of October and ill believe we'll easily meet that goal," says Morris.

One of the most important things to locals, job creation. And with commercial jet coming to Dothan, it has increased employment.

"There's been obviously a lack of jobs in this area and this is major. These are very high tech skilled jobs and we're very excited and really very thankful for all the cooperative effort with the company commercial jet but also with all the local officials and our airport authority," says Bentley.

"Its very important to have those jobs here, have that income here. You know when Pemco left, that left a lot of people unemployed here, now is an opportunity to replace those jobs and replace all that lost income and the lost tax revenue as well," says Morris.

"They've already hired 100 workers, hoping to work towards 500 workers and maybe even one of these days more than that," says Bentley.

Governor Bentley says he wants to promote the aerospace industry in our area...And this is a big part of that.

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