Governor Bentley Tours Community

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Stepping into the Brantley home community, you see rubble, broken glass everywhere and at least three families trying to find some sense of normalcy after a tornado ripped through their homes Christmas day.

Tony Watling said, “We've just been keeping a close eye on water leaks, sewer leaks and trying to help people out.”

On a tour, Governor Robert Bentley said the state will help the area get back to normal.

Governor Bentley said, “If you don't have insurance, it's very difficult and then we have to look for other ways to help people, whether it's through a small business loan or the governor emergency relief fund.”

Those small business loans could help homeowners here get back on their feet.

Governor Bentley said, “Anyone who needs a small business loan can apply for that. We can do that very quickly without having to address the damages to FEMA. We don't know if we have enough damages across the state to get FEMA's help.”

Some of the help is already finding residents.

Jane Thrash, Director of the American Red Cross in Brundidge, said, “We currently have three families in a motel. Two of those families had a disability, so we put them in a hotel that accommodates them.”

Still some say they're in shock and getting back to normal won't happen overnight.

Tony Watling said,“It don't look like it did Christmas morning, it's totally different. It don’t' seem like it's Brantley trailer Park Community anymore. It's got the whole community shaken up.”

Shaken up, but full of hope.

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