Governor Bentley Appoints Brunson White as Secretary of Information Technology

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MONTGOMERY – Governor Robert Bentley on Monday announced the appointment of Brunson White as Secretary of Information Technology.

“Brunson will be given a tremendous responsibility to streamline the state’s information technology and help us improve efficiency across state government,” Governor Bentley said. “His experience makes him ideal for this position. He’s been responsible for major information technology projects. He’s a proven leader in project management. He will be able to take the skills that made him successful in business and apply them to improving efficiency in state agencies. Brunson will help us organize I.T. to make it more efficient, to save taxpayer dollars and to make it more secure.”

Previously, White worked for the Energen Corporation in Birmingham for 33 years. Over that time, he was responsible for approximately $100 million in information technology projects completed on-time and within budget. White’s experience with Energen also included strategic planning, corporate development and more. He recently retired from Energen as a Senior Vice President.

White is assuming his new responsibilities as Secretary of Information Technology effective immediately.

“As we improve the state’s I.T. structure, we’ll improve how we serve the people of Alabama,” White said. “For too long, the state’s I.T. structure has been decentralized, and that has resulted in a lack of overall efficiency. We can correct that. We can ensure that more I.T. systems are compatible between state agencies. We can optimize the state’s I.T. resources. This will help our agencies run more efficiently while also benefitting taxpayers and state employees alike.”

The position of Secretary of Information Technology was established by Senate Bill 117, which the Alabama Legislature recently approved and Governor Bentley signed into law. The Secretary will develop and implement a comprehensive plan to coordinate the purchasing, management and use of I.T. across state agencies.

Gov. Robert Bentley formally swears in Brunson White, left, as IT Secretary in his Capitol Office on Monday, April 15, 2013. Secretary Brunson's wife Dell Witcher holds the Bible. (Governor's Office, Jamie Martin)

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