Gov. Scott Wants Fla. School Sales Tax Holiday to be Longer

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) -- Florida Gov. Rick Scott wants the state's annual back-to-school tax holiday to last longer and cover more expensive items.

Scott on Friday announced that he will ask legislators to extend the sales tax holiday from three days to 10 days.

The Republican governor also wants to increase the amount of clothing items that can be purchased tax-free. Last year clothes costing $75 or less were exempt. Scott would like to increase that to $100.

Scott also wants to let Floridians buy computers tax-free again this year.

Florida's sales tax is 6 cents on the dollar.

The state created the first back-to-school tax holiday in 1998 and over the years legislators have tinkered with it. They have added school supplies to the list while also adding, then taking away, books.

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