Gov. Declares Today Alabama Recycles Day

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DOTHAN, AL--With two new trucks and two more drop-off containers on the way the recycling business in Dothan is picking up.

"It's been improving every year," said Dothan's Assistant Environmental Services Manager Ken Rice.

And it's no different this year.

"You're looking at about a ten percent increase from last year total volumes," explained Rice.

Rice says that's about 1000 tons a year.
And he credits resident awareness and school interest.

"Education is going up in the city, our school system . We collect there once a week, during the school year we really have a lot more activity."

Even with those numbers, Rice says within the next month or so he expects even bigger numbers.

"We have a tremendous amount of overflow after the Christmas week."

And of course that has a lot to do with presents.

"Holidays create gifts and wrapping paper and boxes and cardboard and things like that."

According to a report by the Tellus Institute with Sound Resource Management, the national recycling rate is currently at 34 percent.

If that rate increases to 75 percent it would create nearly one point five million jobs by 2030.

Rice says he expects the new equipment to arrive by the end of the year or early next year.

According to the southeast recycling development council, there are 26 manufacturing plants in the state that rely on recycled material for primary feedstock in the production of consumer goods.

Those facilites provide almost 11-thousand jobs.

For the complete list of recycling drop-off locations in Dothan, look under 4 More Info.

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