Got To Catch 'Em All...For Charity!

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Originally Published: December 31, 2012

A group of college gamers are playing a “Marathon” session of a popular video game franchise in order to help children in developing countries across the world.

The gamers at have so far raised over seventy eight thousand dollars for various charities since coming into existence in 2009.

Starting over the weekend of December 29th, 2012, they began Pokethon III, which will last through the new year. Pokemon is the popular Nintendo game franchise the first saw release in Japan in 1996 and became a pop-culture phenomenon around the world in the following couple of years with an anime that has aired more than 700 episodes, numerous game sequels, music, stores, and much more.

Three games will be playing together and going through the various “generations” of the franchise, beginning with the Game Boy originals, and playing through sequels that were released on Nintendo's Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS handheld consoles.

Pokethon III is raising funds for the Free the Children, which is described as “a charity devoted to improving the lives of children in developing nations.” As of the morning of December 31st, they were just over $10,600, which over $2,000 of their original goal of $8,500. If certain target amounts are released beyond the goal, viewers will be able to “unlock” streams of other games, such as spin-off games like Hey You! Pikachu.

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