Good News for Houston County Schools

Houston county school leaders are celebrating. Two recent reports from the state show good things are happening.

First, the system is ranked 121st for the amount of money spent per student. It's about $7,700 per students. Some schools spend up to $12,000.

Superintendent Tim Pitchford said that shows how efficient they are with tax payers dollars.

Also, the system is ranked 10th in the state for its graduation rate.
It's at 89 percent.

Pitchford said there's still room for improvement.

“Are we satisfied with 89%? no. traditionally we have been above 90%. As high as 94%. Again that's the target,” said Pitchford.

Students are offered opportunities to help them graduate.

They can take part in after-school remediation, Saturday school, free summer school, and the nontraditional Hope School.

Leaders even offer an online high school, which they'll pay for and even provide a computer.

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