Gold Medal Hockey Protest

Proud Russians chanted 'We are champions' near the Olympic Park in Sochi, but others are feeling cheated after a controversial hockey loss to the US this weekend.

This video from a pro-Kremlin website shows dozens protesting near the US embassy in Moscow Monday.

Some had hockey sticks and others: buckets of soap.

They shouted "make soap out of the ref," a common Russian taunt at sporting events.

They're talking about an American referee who called off a Russian goal because the net was dislodged from the ice.

The goal would have given Russia a 3 - 2 lead with less than 5 minutes left in the game.

Without it, the tied game went into overtime before the US won in a shootout.

But some Russian hockey fans in here Sochi aren't convinced the referee's 'no goal' against Russia was a bad call.

People always want to win, this fan said, but I think it was a fair game.

Even though they lost money, these fans are still showing sportsmanship.

Referees are people too he told me. They can make mistakes.

Brooklyn-born Russian Ilya Kogan wasn't bothered by the call.

“I’m happy with the outcome regardless, USA, Russia, I’m a fan of both.”

Most people we spoke to brushed off the loss, confident, Russia will win the gold in the end.

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