Going Above And Beyond: Good Samaritan Helps Surgery Patient

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Theodore Powell and Tommy Teague have known each other for more than ten years.

"Tommy here has been doing my yard for several years now and we were just sort of employee, employer relationship so I thought, " says Powell.

But after having open heart surgery in June, Powell realized his lawn care professional was much more than that.

"Tommy comes up here and says I'm going to take your trash can down every week and bring it back up when it's empty and I'll check your mail too. He didn't ask me if he could do it he just said he is going to do it "

"I know he was probably going to say no so I figured I'd do the better deed by telling him I'm going to do it for him," says Teague.

Teague visited Powell almost every day bringing him his mail and each week taking out his trash.

"My wife's disabled so she can't drive or anything. I didn't know what I was going to do at first, " says Powell.

"I figure one day I would be needing somebody to help me and if I bless him, lord would bless me with somebody else to come along and help me if I need the same thing, " says Teague.

Powell says it's not only bringing down his trash or picking up his mail. He says its something that means much more.

"He's willing to do anything if i ask him, it's not this, I'll do this for a dollar or more, it's you need something let me know, " says Powell.

"He's more than just somebody I do his lawn, he's like a friend to me and it brings tears to my eyes, man I'm crying, I can't believe this, " says Teague.

"This angel came and took care of me, " smiles Powell.

A simple gesture...Turning a business relationship into a lifelong friendship.

Teague says he doesn't have to check on Powell as much since he first got his surgery, but he still makes a point to check on him as much as he can.

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