Glow in the Dark Tattoos?

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Tattoos seem to be anywhere on anyone these days.
They become forms of art in the 21st century.
News 4's Katrice Nolan looked into another type of tattoos that's taking over the industry, and how safe they are.

Tattoos have become an artistic trend of the twenty first century, but in recent years a tattoo you can only see under a black light has taken the market by storm.

"In the last two years, a lot of people who go to clubs and go out in the night life, and stuff like that, the only thing about black light tattoos is you have to get close to it for it to really show up," says tattoo artist William Lanphaer.

Here's what that tattoo will look like under the black light.

But, before you get inked, and debate which design would be perfect for you, tattoo artist William “Big Daddy” Lanphaer says everyone should know about the health precautions.

"It gets tested for content, lead, poisons, I mean there is all kind of stuff," says tattoo artist William “Big Daddy” Lanphaer.

And knowing what's in that special ink is making sure it is FDA approved.

"This stuff here that comes from china, there's no, you don't know where it comes from, once in it, there's nobody regulating it, you can buy it off the internet off of eBay," says tattoo artist William “Big Daddy” Lanphaer.

Business owner Tonjha Hennigam thinks the black light tattoo is a perfect option for someone who is in a professional industry.

"The thing about the UV tattoos is that professional people can go and get these tattoos, and they can still keep their jobs, without the bosses or the pubic kind of turning an eye to them," says tattoo Business Owner Tonjha Hennigam

Hennigam has even thought about allowing her nearly 16 year old daughter to get the so called invisible tattoo.

"I would personally, because she already has one, but, a lot of people kind of frown on that, i think it depends on the maturity of the child, and really what they're getting," says tattoo Business Owner Tonjha Hennigam.

Several tattoo artists say it's important to make sure all instruments being used are sterile and the artist is certified.

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