Give a Jacket, Take a Jacket

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Fun zone in Dothan is holding a "give a jacket take a jacket" drive.
The manager came up with the idea, by doing something people do every day.

A typical day for fun zone manager Chris Prather sparked an idea that’s helping children stay warm for the winter.

“I got the idea from a gas station, I seen the give a penny take a penny tray and I was like lets do a give a jacket take a jacket kind of theme and help out kids.” Manager Chris Prather said.

The drive started the day after Christmas.
At first, Prather didn't think there would be a good turnout, but the community stepped in to help.

“I guess by word of mouth and we had this whole rack here slammed full with hats and gloves and stuff on the cart.” Prather said.

Prather says word spread fast and within a couple of days, the amount of clothing on the rack started dwindling.

“And now were down to almost nothing. So we really need some donations. If we can get some people to come in, bring us some jackets or any kind of winter accessories, gloves, hats.” Prather said.

They're looking to provide coats and winter attire for mainly kids, but Prather says they won't turn down other donations.

“Anything that anybody can bring in, we're taking everything.” Prather said.

And donating is easy.

“They just come in ask one of our employees and we'll get a hanger and toss it on where they can just walk in and put it on themselves.” Prather said.

If you need to take a jacket there are no questions asked just take one right off the rack, and walk out the door.

“I just want to everything to be gone. I want everyone to be happy, hopefully have the biggest impact we can have on kids that need it.” Prather said.

The drive will continue throughout the winter.

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