Girard Middle Takes it to the Streets

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Students of Girard Middle School received surprise guests on Saturday.

“I’m out here on this beautiful Saturday because I think we have to care for the children we share,” exclaimed a community advocate.

A school bus of faculty toured neighborhoods to promote parent involvement.

Principal of Girard Middle, Charles Corbitt, explained, “It’s all about breaching that gap between school and home and letting the parents know we’re excited about educating their children.”

Principal Corbitt teamed with Dothan's Neighbors Improving Children's Education (N.I.C.E.) program to build positive relationships with students and their families.

“The best way to do that is to go where they are so thus our title "Taking it to the Streets," we're taking it to the streets where the children live,” stated a community advocate.

Their enthusiasm for the event was contagious.

“When we first made our stop, the students were excited about seeing me, their principal, where they live because normally that doesn’t happen,” said Corbitt.

Also, students were very grateful to see their teachers.

Aenthonio Saneers, an 8th grader at Girard Middle, said, “I want to thank my mom, the teachers, everybody because they help me out.”

At the event, faculty provided parents with information about the school and its services, such as tutoring and exam schedules. They also brought cookies and other treats for the kids. Corbitt hopes that by coming to them, it will build a stronger relationship between community and school.

“They will come back on Monday with an understanding that I’m not just their principal, but I'm their mentor. We’re hoping this will pull everyone together, not only as a school, but as a community so we can make a better Dothan,” Corbitt exclaimed.

Principal Corbitt and other faculty members plan to host “Taking it to the Streets” at least three times a school year. Eventually, they plan to spread the community support to all 18 schools in the area.

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