Getting Students In Shape

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Childhood obesity is a national epidemic.
But two local organizations hope to make a difference in the wiregrass.
It’s called kohl's fit for life.
In its fifth year, the program is getting kids on a healthy path, and keeping them there.

"Through living well fitness at the medical center we basically provide staffing that comes out, they work one on one with the students and teach them the proper foods to eat and the different ways to exercise and improve the overall wellness aspect of their lives." Southeast Alabama Medical Employee Anthony Eubanks said.

Kohl’s donated nearly 40-thousand dollars to the program, allowing it to expand to eight schools.

“It’s interactive. There are games and things like that that teach the principals so they aren’t just sitting there watching people lecture to them they’re actually playing and learning at the same time.” Eubanks said.

Southeast Alabama medical center staff teach kids about healthy food choices...

“Fruits and vegetables.” Cloverdale Elementary student Krislyn Walker said.

And which exercises keep your body in shape...

“Jumping jacks sit ups pushups and jump roping.” Walker said.

And teachers say it's a lesson they can keep for the rest of their lives.

“These principles that we are teaching them can be taken and expanded on as they continue to grow.” Eubanks said.

“I tell my mom and dad, that exercise is good for you.” Walker said.

“What we find a lot of times is that kids take what they learned here and express it at home with their families and when they are in the grocery stores with their moms they’ll say that’s green light food or that’s a red light food this is good or this is bad.” Eubanks said.

And teachers say passing good habits on to family members can cause a domino effect, and result in whole families getting in better shape.
To learn more about kohl's fit for life, visit the 4 more info page at wtvy-dot-com.