Introducing Donald Valenza

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There’s a new sheriff in town, but he’s no stranger to the department.

Chief Deputy Donald Valenza’s resume is impressive. He’s been with the Houston County Sheriff’s Department for 35-years and has worked with four different sheriffs, but there’s a good chance you may not know him.

“I’ve never really jumped in front of the cameras during my career, I did my job I did what I was supposed to do, I didn’t do it to get my face put on TV or nothing like that, it is an honor when you do get coverage but I’m not, I never looked at it that way, I was just doing my job,” explained Valenza.

While doing his job, Valenza has accumulated close to 4,000 hours of law enforcement certification training. However, he says the best preparation for his new position is working with Sheriff Andy Hughes.

“ I’ve been close with him for seven years so all of his implementations on promotions his executive decisions, I have been a part of all the decisions that he has made.”

He plans to continue the example the sheriff has set in order to keep all Houston County residents safe.

“My loyalties are to the residents of Houston County, to protect their life, freedom and liberties in the constitution for one thing but my loyalty is also to the guys in the department, we work for the people, really it is the people’s sheriff department. I just want to serve them and when they need us to be there, do our job that’s all I ask to do our job.”

Although he has a new title, Valenza says at the end of the day he still the same guy.

“I’m not going to change, the title of sheriff is a title, it’s an honor trust me, it’s probably the biggest honor of my whole entire career but I’m still Donald. You know you don’t forget where you come from.”

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