Georgia Pacific Hosts Water Ways Festival at Kolomoki State Park

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You probably don't think about it when you take a shower or even brush your teeth, but what do you really know about water?

It might look like these kids in Southwest Georgia are taking a day off from school; but what better way to learn about water, than by being on the water?

"It allows us to share the values of protecting our water ways and the wise use of water, so these kids can ensure we have a clean, pure water supply for years to come," Georgia Pacific Public Affairs Manager, Peggy Jaye said.

Many of the kids hadn’t been on a boat before today and the Kolomoki Park Rangers took them all for a spin.

"We are celebrating the fun things that you can do with, on and in water," Kolomoki State Park’s Assistant Manager, Valarie Fox said.

It wasn't just about boating at the Water Ways Festival at Kolomoki Mounds State Park.

Georgia Pacific hosts the event.

Organizers set up ten stations for students to learn about all things water
They ranged from how water is used in our environment, to weather and even food.

"They get the educational information that water is good for our bodies, as well as our environment and all living things," Jaye said.

Including animals that call the waterways "home."

"The biggest reaction I've seen is when the lady pulled out the snake from the Riverquarium. Eyes got big and smiles got bright when they saw it was harmless and she was there just to show them some of nature and explain about the water in the environment and how it all comes together," Jaye said.

Although the festival has been successful for seven years, organizers hope to make an even bigger splash in the future.