Geneva County Road Update

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Ten roads are still closed in Geneva County after last month's flooding, but that's actually progress.

Geneva County Probate judge Fred Hamic says over 80 roads were hit with damage.

That came from two back to back floods in February; one on the 11th, another two weeks later.

Their budget for more repairs is maxed out, but officials say they have to find the money.

The county is working on funds from the state and Washington to get the roads back on track.

As of Wednesday, Corner Creek Road, North Morris Street at the bridge, Phillips Road at Pilgrims Rest Road and Line Road are still closed.

Camero Road, the eastbound lane of County Road Four East of Pilgrims Rest and South Park, Chestnut Road, Hovey Road and Grant Road from County Road 49 to Beefmaster Road are also closed.

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