Geneva Co. Stolen Art

A forged version of a painting by German-born painter Hans Van Aachen and recreated by art forger Mark A. Landis, of Laurel, Miss. is seen on exhibit at the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio on Tuesday, March 27, 2012. The work of the convincing art forger who has spent nearly three decades copying artists like Picasso and donating his fake art to unsuspecting museums goes on display April Fool's Day. The University of Cincinnati exhibit will explore the problem of art forgery through a look at the unusual story of Landis. (AP Photo/Dottie Stover-University of Cincinnati)
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A Destin man is arrested in Geneva County on art fraud.
The artwork was reportedly found in a storage unit in Crenshaw County.
The paintings are worth about a million dollars.
Authorities’ say Pittman hid the art ... And filed a false insurance claim.
Pittman has been charged with attempted theft of property and has been released from the geneva county jail under a 300-thousand dollar bond…

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