GOP Was Beaten in Election on Ground Game

FILE - In this Nov. 5, 2012, file photo, Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney speaks at a campaign event at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, N.H. Romney is telling top donors that President Barack Obama won re-election because of the "gifts" he had already provided to blacks, Hispanics and young voters. Romney also cites as a reason for his loss the president's effort to paint Romney as anti-immigrant. In a call Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012, to those donors, Romney said Obama's campaign focused on giving targeted groups what he called "a big gift" while his campaign had been about, in his words, "big issues for the whole country." (AP Photo/David Goldman, File)

Shelby told a Republican Men's Club on Saturday that Republicans failed to get their voters to the polls.

He also said the Republican Party needs to broaden its base and reach out to minority groups, including Hispanics and Asians.

Shelby said Romney would have also done better if he had gotten more votes from women. reports that Shelby also said a contentious Republican presidential primary weakened Romney ahead of the general election against President Barack Obama, a Democrat.

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