GA Nurses Gather at the State Capitol Calling for Better Legislation

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More than 1,000 Georgia nurses gathered at the state capitol Thursday to ask lawmakers to support bills that make their jobs more effective and less restricted by government regulations.

A record number of nurses registered to attend, according to the Georgia Nurses Association, which organized the Legislative Day event.

"I think that nurses will touch the lives of Georgians each of us on a daily basis," said GNA spokesman Jeremy Arieh. "It's important that we know their place in the healthcare delivery system."

Several nursing students attended the event. Caitlyn Shepard is a Kennesaw State University student who is studying to be a registered nurse.

"Seeing all of us here together and fighting for our profession to make it better - and to make it better for the public -is really inspiring," said Shepard.

The association is pushing for the removal of regulatory barriers. Arieh said it also has collaborated with the Board of Nursing, state legislators and others to shape continuing competency legislation that will ensure lifelong learning while not encumbering nurses with onerous requirements.

Arieh said GNA also supports the mandatory reporting of violations of the Georgia Nurse Practice Act, which will further protect patients.

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